Learn one of the fastest growing combat systems in the world, Krav Maga. Now you can learn this highly effective system of self defense and find out for yourself why elite military units and law enforcement agencies around the world are training in Krav Maga.


Krav Maga is the official system of the Israeli military. It is simple, effective, and easy to learn. In addition to being a self defense system, Krav Maga is also an excellent training program that will make you leaner and stronger. Come check it out for yourself during this high-intensity, fast-passed, four day course. You won’t regret it. Learn the skills to protect yourself and loved ones from violent attacks.


“This course has been specifically crafted to ensure a truly extraordinary training experience that will expand your knowledge, increase your confidence, and challenge your limitations.”

-Ryan Spink (ICSU Director)


Course Overview:


This course is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to the combative strategies and tactics of Israeli Krav Maga. During the course you will be taught how to defend yourself from the most common attacks used by criminals. You will receive detailed instruction in defensive tactics regarding restraint holds, handgun disarms, ground survival, knife and stick attacks. In addition to the fighting techniques, you will also be instructed in the psychology of combat, history, evolution, and training methods of Israeli Krav Maga. The course is informative, challenging, and fun. Participants in the course always leave with a new set of skills, a deeper understanding of self defense, and the satisfaction of redefining their limitations.


Course Prerequisites:


This course is open to everyone, regardless of skill level or experience. Students and instructors from all styles are welcome to attend and participate in expanding their knowledge. No matter what your martial arts experience, you are guaranteed to learn new things and acquire new skills as you explore what Krav Maga training has to offer.


Course Information:


Dates: February 23-26

Time: 8am to 5pm each day of the course

Location: Cobra Kai Fitness & MMA, 14845 Monarch Blvd, Victorville CA

Phone: (760) 245-1800

Website: www.cobrakaifitness.com

Instructor: Ryan Spink www.victorvillekravmaga.com/instructors/ryan-spink/


Course Registration:


Please register for the 4-day, high-intensity, fast-passed, Israeli Krav Maga Seminar by using the PayPal button below. Cost per person is $495.00

Those interested in Instructor Certification and ICSU Lifetime Membership should contact the ICSU Director directly via email at icsumartialarts@gmail.com to discuses eligibility before using the PayPal button below for Instructor Certification/ Lifetime Membership.