Ryan Spink (Head Instructor)

Ryan Spink is one of the world’s foremost leading experts and authors on self defense. With over 35 years of experience in the martial arts, he holds a 2nd Degree Black Belt in Krav Maga from Krav Maga Force (IKF) and a number of certifications from other Krav Maga organizations. In 2010 Ryan traveled to Israel to train in Krav Maga; while in Israel he attended the IKMA Instructor Certification course where he received his Instructor Certification from the International Krav Maga Association which was established by the founder of Krav Maga, Imi Lichtenfeld, in 1978 and is the only Krav Maga organization officially recognized by the Israeli government. In 2014 the Martial Arts Hall of Fame honored him with the “Krav Maga Instructor of the Year” award for his work with the Integrated Combat Systems University. Today, Ryan oversees the Krav Maga program at Cobra Kai Martial Arts in Victorville California and travels throughout the United States and abroad teaching his unique approach to Krav Maga and personal protection.


With over 35 years in the martial arts, here are some of his accomplishments:


  • 8th Degree Black Belt (Rank of Master) in Kung Fu San Soo
  • 2nd Degree Black Belt in Shototkan Karate
  • Black Belt & Certified Instructor in the Filipino Martial Arts (Eskrima-Kali)
  • Black Belt in Tae Kwon Do
  • Black Belt in Aikido
  • Black Belt in Kenpo Karate
  • Certified Muay Thai Instructor (Kru) by the Mauy Thai International Association
  • Certified American Kickboxing Instructor with an amateur fight record of 7-0 with 2 wins by TKO
  • Member of the Martial Arts Hall of Fame and recipient of the “Krav Maga Instructor of the Year Award for 2014.”
  • Member of the Masters Hall of Fame and recipient of the “Platinum Lifetime Achievement Award 2014.”
  • Graduate of the International Bodyguard Association training courses specializing in Executive Protection & Tactical High Risk Area Security
  • IBA (International Bodyguard Association) Regional Director Pacific USA Pacific Cost (Former)
  • Certified Personal Fitness Trainer & Performance Nutrition Specialist
  • Official MMA Fight Commentator for the California Fight League and co-host of the internet show “CFL inside the Cage.”
  • Co-founder and Director of the Integrated Combat System University (ICSU)
  • Director of Operations for Cobra Kai Marital Arts in Victorville, California


In addition to theses many accomplishments, Ryan has also cross trained in Judo, Boxing, Wing Chun, Hsing-I Tai Chi Chuan, MMA and Jeet Kune Do. Today, his training time is primarily focused on studying Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Tactical Firearms training. Friends and colleagues describe Ryan as an expert martial artist with a real passion for learning and teaching the martial arts. He describes himself as an enthusiastic martial artist who endeavors to go beyond just learning technique and strives instead, to gain an understanding of the reasons for the movements of a martial art, its history, its philosophy, and its evolution.


Unlike many self defense instructors these days who only have a theoretical understanding of violence; Ryan belongs to that rare group of instructors with real world experience and a personal understanding of the nature of violence. Over the years he has put his knowledge and skills to the test as a competitor, bouncer, and bodyguard. These life experiences have provided him with a number of opportunities to gain firsthand knowledge and actual experience dealing with the realities of violence. Because of his personal experiences, Ryan understands what it takes to defend yourself, and your loved ones, from a situation involving multiple attackers, a knife attack, or an assault with a firearm. His practical, no-nonsense approach to teaching self defense emphasizes simplicity, intelligence, and being proactive; professionals who have studied with Ryan have found his methods to both insightful and effective. For this reason, he was asked to serve as a Regional Director for Combat Survival where he traveled the country overseeing the training and certification of instructors. He also served as the Area Director of North America (Pacific USA) for the International Bodyguard Association (IBA). Currently, Ryan is the Director of Operations for Cobra Kai Martial Arts in Victorville CA where he also works as an instructor teaching Krav Maga, Muay Thai, Eskrima-Kali, and Kung Fu San Soo. He is also Director of the Integrated Combat Systems University where he oversees curriculum development, course instruction and instructor certification.


Over the last three decades Ryan Spink has taught people from all walks of life how to defend themselves, including law-enforcement, military personal, security specialists, children, housewives, and business professionals. He has developed and instructed specialized courses in women’s self defense, home security, nightclub security, children self defense, and V.I.P. protection. Described by students as a passionate instructor, Ryan brings to each class he teaches his unique method of instruction which is a blend of experience, knowledge, and humor. “I focus on impressing students by showing them what they can do and achieve; not by what I can do.” Ryan says, “My goal is to provide students with an exceptional training experience where they learn to challenge themselves, develop new skills, and redefine their limitations.” Those who attend his classes and seminars can immediately sense his passion for the martial arts and his dedication to helping each student achieve their goals and realize their full potential as martial artists.



Picture taken in Israel, 2010, at the IKMA Headquarters. Ryan Spink seen here recieving his instructor certification from Grand Master Haim Gidon and Yigal Arbiv.



Group picture of the 2010 IKMA Instructor course in Israel.