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Experience a fun, high-energy workout that combines learning self defense with strength & conditioning training. Challenge yourself & redefine your limts.


Seminars & Special Events

Weekend course in Tactical Shooting, Knife Fighting, Stick Fighting, Advanced Combatives, and More. You don’t need to be a gym member to attend.


Student Resource

Everything you will need as a student to excel at Krav Maga is in our student resources. Here you will find workbooks, videos, and our online learning program.


Welcome to the Victorville Krav Maga website.

Welcome to our website for Victorville Krav Maga. We are a team of instructors who specialize in teaching people, just like you, the self defense system of Krav Maga. Our goal is to help you achieve a high level of self defense proficiency in a relatively short period of time, regardless of your age, size, or athletic ability. The methods we use have been proven so effective that law enforcement agencies, elite military units and security specialist have integrated Krav Maga into their training programs.


Now you can learn this highly effective system of self defense right here in the High Desert from a team of qualified Krav Maga instructors. At Victorville Krav Maga you will learn how to effectively defend yourself and how to protect your loved ones. In addition, Krav Maga training will get you into the best shape of your life. Not only will you learn self defense, but you will also lose those unwanted pounds and enjoy a higher level of fitness. Most of all, training in Krav Maga is fun! We invite you to explore our website and see for yourself everything that Krav Maga training has to offer you.

Don't Be Fooled

While other schools in Victorville, Hesperia, and Apple Valley may claim to teach Krav Maga we are the only school certified to teach Krav Maga in the High Desert. Because Krav Maga has been recently featured on the History Channel and the Military Discovery Channel many instructors in the High Desert area, are attempting to cash in on Krav Maga’s popularity. These instructors claim to have received specialized military training and certification in Krav Maga, however, when asked cannot provide any proof to support their claims. You should know that any authentic instructor of Krav Maga will be able to provide upon request, supporting documentation of their training and will be recognized by an official Krav Maga organization. Before enrolling in any Krav Maga program take the time to research the instructor and their Krav Maga qualifications. A legitimate Krav Maga instructor will be able to provide proof of their qualifications in the form of certificates, photos, affiliation with official organizations, testimonials, and letters of recommendations. If you are looking for authentic instruction in Krav Maga be sure to check if the instructor has trianed in Israel, and if so, with who and where. 


Our head instructor, Ryan Spink, recieved the "Krav Maga Instructor of the Year Award" in 2014. He was trained and certified in Israel by the International Krav Maga Association, the first and oldest Krav Maga association in the world. It is also the only Krav Maga organization officially recognized by the Israeli government. Furthermore our location, Cobra Kai Gym, is the only mixed martial arts academy registered in the High Desert to teach Krav Maga.

Valhalla Seminar (The Ultimate Weapons Seminar)

VALHALLA, a place reserved for only the best and bravest warriors. According to Norse mythology, warriors who proved themselves by demonstrating extraordinary courage, strength and fighting skills in battle where specially chosen by the Valkyries after death to live eternity in Valhalla. Once there, these elite warriors would spend their time feasting in the day and fighting at night.


When we were organizing this year's ICSU Pilipino Martial Arts seminar, we wanted a name that communicated the warrior spirt we wished to cultivate at the seminar. While the name is not traditionally related to the Filipino Martial Arts, it does convey our vision of this year's event. A gathering of the best and bravest martial arts warriors, coming together to celebrate and train in the use of weapons.


This year ICSU will host a 4-day seminar focusing on the Filipino Martial arts (a.k.a. Eskrima, Arnis, Kali, etc...) This event will provide an unprecedented amount of information regarding fighting techniques and drills with double stick, single stick, knife, and empty-hands. You don't want to miss this extraordinary opportunity, to register go to 



This 4-day seminar will provide detailed instruction in the proper fighting techniques and training methods of the Filipino Martial Arts. The specific areas of focus will be on the use of double stick, single stick, knife, and empty-hand tactics. Topics of instruction include:


Lines of Attack

Methods of Striking

Blocks and Counters



Locks & Takedowns

and more...


In addition, participants will receive detailed instruction regarding flow drills, teachnique practice, sparring, and competition. In short, this 4-day seminar is designed to be a comprehensive instructional course in the proper application and training of the Filipino Martial Arts. 



This seminar is open to all students and instructors regarless of skill level or experience, everyone is welcome. No matter how much or how little marital arts experience you have, we guarantee you will learn new things acquire new skills and make new friends. 


General Information

Dates: July 13-16, 2017

Time: 7am to 6pm daily

Location: Cobra Kai Fitness & MMA, 14845 Monarch Blvd, Victorville CA

Phone: (760) 245-1800

Website: (to Register)


Seminar Schdule

Thursday: Footwork, Double Stick Drills, and Flow Drills

Friday: Single Stick, Knife Fighting & Silat Empty-Hand Practice

Saturday: Single and Double Stick Sparring and Competition Fighting

Sunday: Belt Testing, Tournament, and Instructor Certification Testing